Mothership to tie into its 3rd year of business.

2014 almost passed at the speed of light and MOTHERSHIP already celebrates its second birthday.

To mark the occasion, we would like to thank our clients, partners, supporters and everybody who accompanied us through these last two years!

Join us in taking a look back at a successful and moving year:

After establishing our permanent headquarters in Berlin Prenzlberg, growing business allowed us to also set up a project office in Cologne. The office is located in the Belgian Quarter, one of the most vibrant and livable parts of the Rhine metropolis.

In 2014 were happy to introduce two new unique services and one brand new product:

  • MOTHERSHIP successfully established full service marketing for mobile applications and mobile games. Our offers include the development of global media strategies and creative work as well as running all operations necessary for a mobile product to be successful. Additionally, user acquisition- and burst campaigns run by MOTHERSHIP’s mobile team will optimize Active- and Pay User KPIs and ensure top rankings in the mobile app stores.
  • MOTHERSHIP’s second newly introduced product of 2014 is the Videogate. This unique, in-house developed solution provides publishers with new ways to monetize their products through video advertising. Our ad-server chooses fitting clips for the right audience from our large database and seamlessly integrates them into our client’s products.
  • Last but not least, in June 2014 we introduced an innovative new Service called Content Hive that focuses on content marketing. Through the Content Hive our clients are able to significantly raise attention for a product in their core targets group, outsmart ad-blockers and tell their story accompanying ther PR strategy.

Here are some numbers of 2014:

  • Lead User Volume: 5.3 million conversions
  • Unique clicks: 67.4 million
  • Activity Quote: 68.5%
  • Pay User Quote: 3,51%
  • Organic User Growth: 30,56%

These are our great new clients from 2014:

And this is what they say:

  • „In preparation and execution of our campaigns, MOTHERSHIP has proven to be fast, reliable, pro-active, and marketing goals focused. We will definitely and happily consider them with high priority when it comes to future games.” – Dieter Schöller – Managing Director Headup Games
  • “We are very satisfied with MOTHERSHIP’s content marketing services. Their campaigns deliver exceptional results and reach a great number of high quality users. We value MOTHERSHIP’s quick responsiveness, their professionalism and their creativity.” – Igor Khachaturyan,  Director of Marketing Gaijin Entertainment
  • „MOTHERSHIP delivers high quality users at scale in all our strategic markets. Thanks to their strong focus on the customer lifetime value.“ – Michael Stiller – Marketing Manager Geewa

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